Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quadelements Flaunts Its Second Watch Project EVA-W02 !

Now the second Eva watch project from hidden-transparent-watch-you-cant-identify/">Quadelements is ready and announced today. The EVA-W02 is just like SII Watch with the same design to have same features like music-concept-mobile-wear-as-a-watch-on-wrist/">WVA-W01. There are only 500 units available now in Red color as a limited edition. Besides this, the price and other details of the watch have not yet been equinox-gives-you-the-luxurious-look-with-style/">announced.

watch-lets-you-know-your-heartbeat-in-its-display-ecg-watch/">Click to know about the watch with capability to know the Heart Beat

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