Monday, June 1, 2009

Robotaxi - The Stunning Futuristic Concept !

This concept is about arobot-speaks-in-your-own-voice/"> Robot Taxi comprising two seats and three wheels and it assures you a smooth public transportation system forever. It has only one uplifting door for entry, it will be available over the city, and all of them will be always synchronized and aware of each other’s position. This has been especially made by ciclope-robot-to-make-stylish-hair/">Petr Kubik for passengers to jump at any place or pick the phone and order one to reach the desired destination in no time. The other major advantages of this taxi, it is fully optimized, provides self-adjustment and superfluous public traffic system.

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single-seat-helicopter-designed-like-robot/">Following are the saying of the designer about the Taxi :
•Instruction to use robotaxi
•You call taxi by mobile phone
•Robotaxi operator will evaluate the closest taxi
•Robotaxi will arrive in very short time andthe-worlds-smallest-robot-smaller-than-the-smallest/"> open the door for you
•Put your baggage and go inside the taxi
•You need to set your destination (by your voice or by touch panel)
•While in the road, you can watch video on double-sided cabin window or surfing on internet
•futuristic-dragon-car-concept-combination-of-marine-jet-robot-and-automotive/">Payment will be done automatically (by wireless reading from you credit card)

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