Thursday, June 25, 2009

USB Turntable Lets You Transfer Vinyl To iPod Directly !

Always you need a PC whenever you want to transfer vinyl to your iPod or other devices. Now it has sd-card-to-minisd-card-converter/">become old fashion as a new device called USB Turntable in introduced. It needs no PC to transfer vinyl directly to your iPod. It features an integrated iPod dock and you can simple pop your player in the slot, spin the vinyl and hit the record.

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Some important features of this device :
•It is a Plug and Play USB.
•It is an adjustable anti-skating control.
•It rotates at 33.3 / 45 RPM.
•You can transfer 78-RPM records by recording at 33.3 / 45 RPM and using software to restore to original speed.
•You can have a line level RCA outputs with built in pre amp.
•It has 3.5mm stereo line input for other audio sources, including cassette tape.
•It is an automatic imtoo-ipod-movie-converter-brings-high-quality-in-quick-time/">Play and Pause button.
•It is modern and stylish.
•It sizes approximately 48cm(W) x 38cm(D) x 13cm(H).

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