Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vertical Park Claims Tremendous Concept In Mexico City !

In order to overcome the unlimited pressure of thickening pollution and population on the fast expanding metropolis of Mexico City a new concept called Vertical Park has been designed. It is the tremendous and lifelink-modular-shelter-lets-you-be-safe-in-calamities/">stunning concept for Mexico City. Moreover, this modular skyscraper is determined for solar powered stacking units containing green gardens and additional space for people to live and work. It has few modules and each one of them will be customized to bring space for private and public use.

water-building-resort-looks-like-a-drop-of-water/">Click to know about Water Building Concept

The solar panels of the concept will attached to the steel frames for generating the required power. In addition, the generated power will be used for running various functions of the buildings and will construction-begins-for-2012-olympic-stadium-in-london/">allow wind to pass inside the building.

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