Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Veteran Microsoft Engineer Launches Twitter Search Engine !

Now days it has become fashion to launch a search engine like Bing, Google etc. In such a way this is another search engine called CrowdEye is going to be launched by Ken Moss who was in the how-to-enhance-the-search-results-of-search-engines/">search engineering team at Microsoft for five years. It is a real time search engine that lets the users better mine Twitter to grab the extra ordinary topics. A beta level engine offers not only the latest tweets on topic but also it can list the most popular links on the given topic and a tag cloud of associated terms.

which-is-the-best-bing-or-google/">Click to know more search engines

The designer said that it is the next big thing in search and it has been underexploited to date. microsoft-brings-bing-to-overtake-google/">Moreover, it is a historical view that can allow one to see how the discussion on a topic evolved.

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