Saturday, June 13, 2009

Water Building Resort Looks Like A Drop Of Water !

New resort in the shape of a water drop and it is the world’s first chewing-gum-camera-with-built-in-flash-memory/">building that can convert air into water by using solar energy. This resort has been conceptually designed and it is a combination of Technology and Nature. In the bottom floor of this resort has a water treatment zone for purifying rainwater and salty sear water.

construction-begins-for-2012-olympic-stadium-in-london/">Click to know about the architecture of the stadium for the Olympic 2012

A photovoltaic glass southerly facing facade can harness the required solar energy and it lets the light pass through. In addition, it can connect the ventilation design and utilizes Teex Micron iron-speed-designer-nice-solution-for-reporting-and-building-database/">equipment to convert humid air into pure drinking water through condensation.

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