Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Cannot I Flush The DNS Resolver Cache ?

DNC Client you may know that how important word it is. It is used by Windows Operating System in order to speed up the windows by resolving and storing the domain names and system names. Still, few drawbacks arehow-to-handle-multiple-servers-without-stress-dns4me/"> often experienced by the users while using DNS cache in Windows Operating Systems. Normally this ipconfig /flushdns command is being used to flush the DNS cache when we like to resolve the domain names anew.

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If the DNS Client service is deactivated, users may often receive error message “Windows IP Configuration Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution” while alertfox-lets-you-monitor-your-website-in-high-technology/">trying to flush the DNS.
If you want to enable this error message, you have to enable the DNS Client service again in the services configuration menu.

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