Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YouTube Announces Wonder Wheel Search For Easy Access !

Wonder Wheel is the new visualization tool added in YouTube to explore the searches interactively. It was launched last month for Google search and now it is available in different how-to-insert-text-in-youtube-videos/">context.
If you want to look at the feature, just type a general term in YouTube’s search box and click on the “Search” then click on “Wonder Wheel” to get some suggestions. Soon after you click on the suggestions, YouTube will show the search results next to the wheel and it will let you go back for initial search terms.

youtube-it-lets-you-search-the-selected-text/">Click to know Search Select Text in YouTube

Moreover, you can have a connection between related search and youtube-releases-native-software-for-watching-videos-in-mobile/">current search term in an interactive diagram. However, it has become easy to find the search results in a different manner for users.

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