Thursday, July 30, 2009

BMW Confirms Formula One At The End Of This Year !

BMW has confirmed that it is going to leave Formula One racing at the end of this year as this sport luxury cars like to sustain in the market and sensory-lamp-concept-brings-natural-environment-on-your-desktops/">environment. Yesterday in a statement chief executive of the company, Norbert Reithfer has said that the premium segment has to remain a positive role model within their society and they will remain loyal to motor sports. Moreover, the company has planned to do this in series that enables the company to transfer technology more directly and to realize the additional formula-zero-from-mercedes-benz-challenges-motor-race-2025/">synergies.

mini-cooper-brings-fancy-to-old-trailer-park/">Click to know about Mini Cooper Car

new-car-concept-colim-car-cum-caravan/">Besides, the head of research and development of BMW Klaus Draeger said that the sole reason behind the decision was realignment of its strategy to reflect its focus on reducing carbon emissions. He added, it is not for their economic situation but to bringfuturistic-dragon-car-concept-combination-of-marine-jet-robot-and-automotive/"> new to you.

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