Saturday, July 25, 2009

Electropositive Three Wheeler Can Solve Urban Transportation Lurches !

In order tosvepa-bike-made-up-of-plywood-and-aluminum/"> solve the trouble of urban transportation, this electropositive three-wheeler vehicle is derived. In this concept you can have a brushless electric motors in every wheel that is able to work as a generator and able to work while braking. Photovoltaic transparent polycarbonate and carbon fiber “exoskeleton” are the major elements of the panel of this vehicle.
Although, it is a single sitter the compartment behind the vehicle is compact for accommodating a passenger.  motobecane-motivo-new-model-bike-rocks-with-battery/">Moreover, whenever you want to lean, the driver can drag the handlebar towards him.

a-three-wheel-motorcycle-comes-safer-than-the-safest-protector/">Click to have Safer, Faster, Protector Three Wheeler Bike

All it is worlds-cheapest-car-goes-to-india-nano-from-tata-motors/">happened by an electro-hydraulic servo at the center of gravity of the vehicle. At the same time, if you will release the handlebar the vehicle will be stabilized by reducing center of gravity. So that, you should thank the Ionut Predescu who is the energya-three-wheel-concept-vehicle-by-higgins-aube/">designer of this concept.

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