Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EyeRoller Moves And Rotates The Eyes Of Your Image !

If you want to make fun with your friends and colleagues go through the article with fun. A tool called EyeRoller can bring thehow-to-become-a-cartoonist-with-animasher/"> feature for you to get the complete fun. Once you have installed the tool, import any face of your friends or colleagues in EyeRoller and look at their eyes follow your mouse pointer. You can have an assured entertainment, by sharing the photos with the world. how-to-become-a-cartoonist-with-animasher/">Moreover, you can embed the faces in your site.

aoao-photo-editor-comes-with-collective-features-free-download/">Click to know about Aoao Photo Editor Software

This tool has paintnet-image-editing-tool-no-need-to-install-photoshop-free-download/">come out with an inbuilt face editor in order to create new faces without becoming a graphical artist. In addition, you can import a photo and define the eye mask from the library multidisplay-portable-computer-enhance-your-graphics-addiction/">inside the tool. If you want to use this tool you should have installed Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or higher.


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