Saturday, July 11, 2009

Firefox Is Changed To SQLite Database !

The way of storing information for Firefox has been changed to SQLite database by its development team. The information to be stored in Firefox is Cookies, Bookmarks, RSS Feeds and few more information of Firefox how-to-block-usb-port-in-lan-from-other-users/">profile. The database of the Firefox get eventually fragmented and it has the consequence performance drops especially in the time the web browser starts loading.

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For now, you can optimize SQLite databases that defragment profile. Therefore, their size can be decreased and personas-lightweight-extension-for-firefox/">performance will bring quite well. It is compatible to run with Windows, Mac and Linux OS. If you are Windows user means you have to download a batch file and place into the Firefox profile that they want to optimize. The Firefox profile folder is reduced to 64.8 Megabytes from 53.4 Megabytes in the Optimization on a test system.

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