Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gmail Labels Are Easily Customizable Now !

A transition for Gmail labels to make them act like folders is finished. Therefore, we can now use drag and drop method to label messages. The labels will be displayed how-to-enable-pop3-settings-in-gmail/">below the built-in labels like Inbox, Spam, and Trash etc.
In order to put an alignment for other features, Gmail is now capable for displaying most often used labels and for hiding the labels behind the “More” dropdown. Therefore, you can customize and hide the built-in labels and some of your labels, whenever you want to change the order.

how-to-enable-sender-time-zone-in-gmail/">Click to enable Sender Time Zone in Gmail

If you hardly check your “Spam” labels means, you can hide it from setting page. Normally, Google likes to make the labels more visible and if you don’t create any labels means, Gmaill will add four labels for you respectively,google-brings-color-selector-to-search-by-color/"> Personal, Receipts, Travel and Work.

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