Saturday, July 4, 2009

Google Brings Desktop Translation Client Tool For Windows And Linux !

Google Translator, if it is one of the most often using application for you means, there is a little utility available for you making language translation easily using Google Translate Desktop client tool. It is powered by Google nurian-x40-an-extraordinary-electronic-dictionary/">Translate that lets you translate your content on the desktop itself. Therefore, you don’t need to open any web browsers.

tray-dictionary-lets-you-find-translation-in-a-click-from-tray/">Click to know about Tray Translation

This utility is Java Based desktop tool and requires JRE/JVM installed in our pc. If you want to use this, download and unzip. In Windows, just click run-windows.bat in order to run the lingoes-dictionary-gives-translation-in-multiple-languages-as-we-type/">application. If you are Linux user, you can execute run-linux.bat file. As it is a simple interface, you can type the text in top window and then select to and from language in order to see the translated text.


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