Saturday, July 25, 2009

Google Image Relinker Lets You View The Images Directly In Google ImageSearch !

Google Image Search is one of the best features from search giant Google and it is a comprehensive image search engine. It works in the same way in which Google is working. In additional, you can have the additional information like the domain name, image posted, size of the image etc in Google Image Search. Users can find the images that match your search criteria like color, size,now-you-can-report-offensive-google-images-results/"> resolutions etc using Filters.
The main annoyance that users feel with the image search is, the picture is not directly linked with the image, but Google page will display the website that contains the link of the picture. Therefore, you need to click on the image in order to look at the full view or else you have to wait until thereplace-text-with-images-in-your-mails-piccue-photobar-free-download/"> picture loads.

compare-google-and-yahoo-image-search-which-is-the-best/">Click to Compare Google and Yahoo Image Search engines

Now you can come out of this trouble by using Google Image Relinker userscript that is able to bring you the direct link of the images. This is compatible with Firefox, Opera and Seamonkey with the possibility and the script will work with the browsers that aoao-photo-editor-comes-with-collective-features-free-download/">support userscripts like Google Chrome, Safari etc.
Using this script, you can save your precious time by viewing the images directly. Moreover, it will be very useful for those who work often work in Google Image Search.

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