Saturday, July 4, 2009

Handy Shopping And Bill Pay Assistant For Windows !

Billeo is one of the handy Shopping and Bill Pay Assistants for Windows. It features Password Manager, eWallet with single click Form Fill with ability to Save and Search online receipts and web pages. m1-edu-new-pmp-device-rushes-to-the-market/">Therefore, you can use it for shopping and paying bills online.

Besides, this assistant brings an extra layer of security and convenience for our online experience by providing few features as follow.

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Password Manager :
It can save passwords and fill our login data automatically for our website visits. pentel-airpen-mini-now-works-with-pc-and-mac/">Moreover, it is possible to many passwords, as we like for given site.

Fill Form :
We can enter our contact information, credit card information and checking, saving account information in Billeo eWallet for shopping online.

Save and File :
Billeo automatically saves our payment confirmation web pages and online receipts whenever making payment. In how-does-a-gps-mobile-work/">addition, it can organize the details for our convenience.


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