Thursday, July 23, 2009

How To Import Facebook Users In Twitter ?

Definitely, you may have an account in Facebook and in which you can have many friends but most of them may not follow you in Twitter. If you want them to follow you in Twitter and you want to add your Facebook friends to Twitter, you can how-to-fix-firefox-is-already-running-and-not-responding-error/">use this service called FB 140.
You can import all of your Facebook friends in Twitter following just three simple steps.

how-to-use-orkut-friends-as-facebook-friends-how-to-import-orkut-friends-in-facebook/">Click to import Orkut friends in Facebook

•First, you have to login your Facebook account, connect and give the application access tomicrosoft-brings-facebook-for-your-windows-mobile-6-phone/"> your account.
•You have to login your Twitter account and give the application access to your account.
•Once you have completed the above steps you can get a list of users whom you can follow and click on the Follow these people button to follow them automatically.
•It will be very useful if you want to view the instant updates from your friends.

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