Monday, July 20, 2009

IPSE Futuristic Concept Lets You Drive Underwater !

Till now you may have come across so many models of vehicles, but this is a new one that lets you drive in underwater mode. The name of the concept is IPSE that is an advanced individual mobility and it uses cutting edge technology and brings an innovative driving experience for the users. powered-electric-body-board-brings-eternal-fun-in-water/">Moreover, this concept uses an IPSE recognition in outside that translates the same into virtual living things and objects. Even more, you can use it inside the water by enabling underwater mode of this vehicle.

futuristic-car-concept-nissan-motivity-400c-with-maglev-system/">Click to know about Futuristic Car Concept Nissan Motivity 400C

Besides, the real time transformation mechanism offers an unlimited database and generates new data by combining futuristic-dragon-car-concept-combination-of-marine-jet-robot-and-automotive/">different factors. The designers of this stunning concept are Jeongche Yoon and Hoyoung Kihl.

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