Saturday, July 25, 2009

Manage Windows Live Hotmail email And Contacts Within Outlook - OutlookConnector !

Do you use Microsoft® Office Outlook® andwindows-messenger-and-hotmail-now-come-to-your-mobile/"> Hotmail? You can save time by downloading the Office Outlook Connector. This free program sends your Hotmail messages to a folder in Outlook for easy access.
Folders are convenient ways to sort and store important messages, so you can easily find them later. In your inbox, click Manage folders, and then follow the easy steps. Create folders, as you need them.
Managing all of our email accounts is easier than ever :
Outlook Connector provides a free solution for managing your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail and contacts from within Outlook. With the new release of the Outlook Connector, you can connect your Windows Live Hotmail account in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003 new-updates-in-windows-live-messenger-2009/">free of charge.

You can easily connect contacts from your Windows Live Hotmail into Outlook :

With the Outlook Connector, you can view your Windows Live Hotmail e-mail in Outlook alongside your other e-mail accounts. By connecting and organizing your e-mail in Outlook 2007, you can take advantage of rich capabilities in Outlook 2007 such as Instant Search and the ability to access your information even when you're offline.

now-access-wordpress-photobucket-flickr-and-twitter-via-windows-live/">Click to access Wordpress, Photobucket, Flickr via Windows Live

Synchronize the calendars easily from Windows Live Calendar into Outlook :
With the Outlook Connector, you can view your calendars from Windows Live Calendar in Microsoft Office Outlook, including other people’s calendars that have been shared with you. By managing your calendars in Outlook, you can take advantage of the time-management features that Outlook offers such as viewing multiple calendars in Outlook at the same time. With Outlook 2007 and the live-hotmail-comes-70-percent-faster-with-high-security/">Outlook Connector, you can also:
•View tasks and flagged messages beneath your appointments on the days in which they are due
•Categorize your appointments with custom color categories
•Overlay multiple calendars
Additionally, any changes you make to your how-to-upload-photos-in-facebook-fast-and-safe/">Windows Live Calendar calendars in Outlook are automatically synchronized with the Web version in your Windows Live Hotmail account.

What is new in Windows Live Hotmail ?
MSN Hotmail is now Windows Live Hotmail. It's better than ever and best of all — it's still free. Find out more.
•Improved spam protection — safety bar plus one-click spam tools
•5 GB of storage — how-to-recover-the-deleted-images-from-digital-camera/">five times as much as MSN Hotmail
•Faster than ever — read mail without reloading the page
•Customizable design — use themes to customize your interface
System requirements :
In order to use the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector you must have:
•A Windows Live Hotmail account — update your existing Hotmail account or create a new account.
•Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

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