Saturday, July 11, 2009

Messless Charger Lets You Charge Multiple Device Charging In A CleanManner !

There is no end for innovative technology even for charger. This new multi-device charger has been launched in UK by Italian design house Italdesign Giugiaro. This universal charging station has been designed for iphone-3g-travel-charger-makes-you-happy/">charging much any kind of electronic device like MP3 Player, Phones, Handheld Consoles, PDAs and Digital Camera.

steam-powered-charger-ready-for-your-ipod-and-mobiles/">Click to know about Steam Powered Charger

Besides, it has come out with alternative bundle of wires and plastic bricks to bring a good look for your home and office. Induracell-launches-portable-mobile-charger-my-pocket-charger/"> addition, it brings four docking stations for concurrent charging.
It features six interchangeable connectors with compatibility of Nokia Phones, Sony Ericsson, iPods, PSPs and Mini USB Connectors. The price of the Messless Charger is £69.95 solar-electric-sports-car-rocks-from-koenigsegg-quant/">equaling to $113.

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