Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Model HDD And DVD Recorders Come From Toshiba !

If you look behind there might be Floppy, CD, DVD, Bluray etc in a row to prove the development of the technology. Now even more they become smarter and smarter to reach the peak of technology. In such a way, toshiba-g55-laptop-with-visual-gesture-system-vss/">Toshiba has released its two new HDD and DVD Recorders for user’s convenience, the models are 1TB RD-E1004K and the 320GB RD-304K HDD and DVD recorder. The main reason for Toshiba to announce these devices is to overcome the lacking of their Blu-Ray support with attractive prices.

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Both of the models are capable to record HD Video in Blu-Ray standard (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264). The price for 1TB version is 65000 Yen (475€) and available in Japan only. Nevertheless, unfortunately the price and other details of the devices have not yet beenthree-new-pmc-ic-voice-recorders-reach-the-market/"> announced.

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