Sunday, July 12, 2009

Now You Can Block Users In Picasa Web Album !

In order to manage your favorites and your fans easily in Picasa Web Albums, it has added few more features for you. Normally, you can add any Picasa Web User as a favorite whenever he uploads new photos. how-to-retrieve-the-sent-mails-in-gmail/">Moreover, when you add him as your favorite user you will also be included in his list of fans and he will get an email notification.

now-picasa-comes-with-creative-commons-search/">Click to know about Common Search of Picasa

Until now, it is impossible to remove users from the list of fans, but now it has become possible for you. If you feel that list of fans seems to be spam, you can block them. Therefore, user will be blocked from gladinet-cloud-desktop-lets-you-integrate-online-applications-with-local-desktop/">commenting on your photos and adding you as favorite and you can block the users who post offensive comments.
Besides, Picasa Web Album has added a list of “Suggested Favorites” that comprises all of our contacts available in this service to find interesting photos uploaded by our contacts.

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