Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ObPwd Lets You Create Object Based Password !

We know that most of you know to create passwords for your files, folders and even for your personal accounts. If you want to use a new technique to create password means, you can go with ObPwd well known as “Object Based Password”. It is a Firefox addon, comes for making your work simple. This addon can create strong text passwords from any web object or by our personal digital apply-password-to-your-files-in-seconds-with-empathy/">content just like photos, audio files, Video files and documents. Therefore, we can keep our password generating digital object, but we don’t have to memorize the generated password. Even more, using ObPwd tools we can recreate our password from our web content or files whenever we want.

now-addon-can-generate-password-for-you-password-generator-addon/">Click to know about Password Generator Addon

Some important thing about generated passwords :
•The length of the password will be in 12 characters and alphanumeric.
•You can neverhow-to-speed-up-download-in-firefox-without-download-manager/"> have special characters in generated password.
•The first 10,000 bytes of our digital object file/URL/text) are used for generating a password.

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