Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OS Boots In One Second - Embedded Linux Company Rocks !

MontaVista, as you know it is an embedded Linux Company said its latest system is capable for bringing one-second boot for you. Besides, it has released a video in which you can see the vehicle dashboard system that goes from cold boot into a "fully operational" state in thathow-to-fix-scan-disk-error-during-system-boot/"> time.
But, this one second booting is not directly translatable to Linux OS based environment. Nevertheless, you have to launch additional drivers and process for a full-fledged OS.

microsoft-announces-web-based-office-tools-for-ms-office-2010/">Click to know about Microsoft Web Based MS Office 2010

Normally, you can have the fast booting OS from Intel’s Netbook Linux OS, Moblin. This use-startup-manager-to-edit-boot-menu-in-ubuntu/">chipmaker recently has made a collaboration with Phoenix Technologies that brings a fast boot technology dubbed as HyperSpace.  This recent software features a stripped down Linux environment with a browser, Wi-Fi software in order to boot your system quick.

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