Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Picasa Web Albums Lets You Know The Popularity Of Your Photos !

Picasa Web Album is now able to show the number of views. Therefore, you can know how popular your photos are and number of times it is viewed. This indication will be shown below each of your photo.
At the gladinet-cloud-desktop-lets-you-integrate-online-applications-with-local-desktop/">beginning, Picasa Web Album is started to share your photos within your family limit, but later on, it has added more features to turn community-oriented services like Flickr: search, tags, Creative-Commons licensing, comment moderation.

now-you-can-block-users-in-picasa-web-album/">Click to block users in Picasa Web Album

There is no option available for editing photos. Now you can have 1GB of free storage, a great semi-automatic face now-picasa-comes-with-creative-commons-search/">recognition feature, a simple way to geotag photos, embeddable slideshows and some nice keyboard shortcuts that save time when you browse through photos.

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