Thursday, July 23, 2009

R.A.P.P.A Futuristic Car For Future Highway Police !

A new concept of Highway Patrol vehicle has been designed for the future petrol police. The name of the concept is forte-koup-sports-sedan-proudly-comes-from-kia-motors/">R.A.P.P.A (Rapid Area Petrol & Pursuit Avant-Guard). You can have an amazing gesture control mechanism that is able to turn the vehicle by leaning the driver to the required direction.  The rear part of the vehicle normally rotates while the front part of the vehicle stays aside. izibi-another-rocking-foldable-bike/">Besides, this car has different type of front lights and front glass that comprise the police lights that stick out the front ram bar.

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formula-zero-from-mercedes-benz-challenges-motor-race-2025/">Moreover, you can have another mode when the petrol car has apprehended the target and to keep the certain lights on and other more energy consuming lights off. Daniel Bailey is the designer of this valuable grasshopper-becomes-car/">concept.

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