Thursday, July 9, 2009

Use Google Image Search As You Like !

In last few articles, we have mentioned that Google Image Search is getting few more options to make our image search better. Now it has become true, Yes, the new options have been added to thenow-google-search-is-right-in-gmail/"> advanced search page, where we are able to choose between images that can be reused and images that can be modified or can be used commercially.

google-search-now-comes-with-some-health-questions/">Click to know about Health Question in Google

Normally, Yahoo Image Search supports only Flickr images, but Google Image Search is the first to have this feature. Therefore, if you want to illustrate your web pages or your documents, choose one of the four filters from advanced search page and you can enhanced-google-search-results/">find the licensing terms and start accessing them.

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