Monday, July 20, 2009

What Are The Features Of Sony Walkman X1000 Series ?

The much awaited first touchscreen Walkman has arrived, from Sony. It is hitting the market after a long perseverance to regain the loss of its one time dominance of portable audio. This sony-flaunts-its-touchscreen-music-player/">device flaunts in the market after a recession of a year and half after the iPod touch. In this model X1000 series you can have a gentle input and smaller 3-Inch display area at the resolution of 432 x 240 to 480 x 320. Besides, it has a glossy and smooth face to take a large number of fingerprints and smudges quite quick.

let-your-friends-to-hear-the-music-on-the-go/">Click to hear the music on the go

Moreover, the sides of the Walkman have been covered in a hard, rock-like surface; it's very nearly like holding granite in your hands. The screen of the walkman never supports multitouchnew-model-music-player-from-sony/"> gestures. Still it is sensitive enough to react to swipe through music lists or photos.

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