Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yahoo Messenger Contacts Now Seen In Yahoo Home Page !

Yahoo home page is under renovation to bring more stylish looks and functionality. It lets you access many applications and web services right from the home page.compare-google-and-yahoo-image-search-which-is-the-best/"> Moreover, now it is possible to look Yahoo Messenger contacts online in Yahoo home page and without any need to open any application or new window.
Just open the new home page of Yahoo and point the mouse over “Messenger” in the left sidebar. Then how-to-get-exact-search-results-in-search-engines/">click on Sign In button to login online Yahoo Messenger.

yahoo-changes-its-home-page/">Click to look at the new home page of Yahoo

Then yahoo-web-analytics-will-overcome-google/">once again point the cursor over “Messenger” link in order to view online contacts.
Besides, in Yahoo messenger installed system, it is possible to start direct chatting by clicking on send button next to online yahoo-plays-new-platform-for-ads-on-mobile-phones/">contacts.

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