Saturday, August 1, 2009

Amphibious Hybrid Car Changes Wheel Shape As Per The Road Conditions !

A car that is newly designed as an industrial design course project features adjustable tires and capability to analyze the particular landscape to change the shape of tire automatically assunbeam-tiger-new-concept-about-lightweight-electric-car/"> required. It is an Amphibious Hybrid. Moreover, the tires are capable for opening up as per the requirement of landscape. The tires will run normal whenever the tires run on normal roads. But whenever, they happened to run in the snow they will be opened a little bit. Besides, the flaps of the vehicle will be completely opened while running in the motobecane-motivo-new-model-bike-rocks-with-battery/">water. The designers of the vehicle are Janne Leppänen, Tuulia Miettinen, Roope Kolu, Tiemen Stelwagen, and Jaap Van Der Voort.

lightning-hybrids-lh3-concept-car/">Click to know about Hybrid LH3 Concept car

When the designers say about this :
The idea is to solar-electric-sports-car-rocks-from-koenigsegg-quant/">make an amphibious vehicle that can be used on land, ice and on water. Inside each wheel is an electric engine, which has energy from batteries. To realize these points the vehicle needs to be adaptable to the environment and use. This problem isthree-wheeler-car-in-bike-size/"> solved by a specially designed tire.

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