Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aquatio Fitness Drinking Fountain Reduces Your Stress Of Bending Over !

If you have to visit a water fountain and you want to drink water from a water fountain means ideally you need to bend over to reach the water flow. whirlpool-futuristic-green-kitchen-concept/">More often, it is not possible for all, in such situations you can use this concept called Aquatio that has been especially designed for gym and fitness center use. As this fountain is designed in the shape of bow, you can move to four inches in order to reduce the elecom-unveils-3-new-usb-hubs/">need of bending over when you want to drink water from the fountain.

fountain-now-works-with-usb-too-bamboo-fountain/">Click to know about Bamboo USB Fountain

If you largest-chocolate-fountain/">press on the left side of the fountain, the cold water will start to flow and if you press right side you will have room temperature water. Meanwhile, in the base of the fountain, an inset is available and it has been especially designed to refill the water external-usb-sata-drive-dock-data-backup-happens-in-seconds/">faster and easier.

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