Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cobra XRS R10G Radar Detector Works Around Nine Miles !

Cobra XRS R10G is a new device from Cobra that eliminates the most windshield-mounted system that displays and controls to a separate clip-on module for noise-isolating-earphones-idr350m-from-scosche/">your dash. The cluttered display is impossible to read, cramming several tiny icons onto an inch OLED. Moreover, that is a radar detector has the capability to save you from red light cameras. The capability of detecting Radar is possible around nine miles to its audio-technicas-ath-ep700-headset-is-available-nationwide/">15-band detection and Super-XtremeRange Superheterodyne technology.

dtn-vx003-is-the-latest-pnd-device-in-japan/">Click to know about Latest PND Device Technology

samsung-releases-front-and-rear-lcd-display-camera-st500-and-st550/">WIRED Easy updates with GPS dongle. Can be hardwired into fuse box so you don't have to charge the battery. Auto Mute lowers volume of voice alerts after initial warning.
TIRED Picks up signals from distant intersections even when set to highway mode. Display must be charged with cigarette lighter or USB after just a few hours of use. Shrill voice alerts.
•miseal-projector-is-as-small-as-your-palm/">Accessories: Radar Detector
•Manufacturer: Cobra
•Price: $470

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