Monday, August 10, 2009

Eneloop Portable Solar - Use It Wherever You Want !

Now days the usage of the electricity has changed to hike and we have to save the power consumption. Besides, the scientists andsolar-electric-sports-car-rocks-from-koenigsegg-quant/"> designers of the gadgets are very keen on introducing newer products that are compatible to work with Solar power. But now, we are having a gadget called Eneloop Portable Solar that lets us generate the power and allows us to gather energy while working outside or traveling.
solar-power-mobile-charger-works-even-in-city-buses/">Moreover, you can use this device as a power source for Laptops, USB Devices, Handheld games and Cell Phones. At the same time it is able to bring mobile green energy solutions.

wind-and-solar-powered-hybrid-street-lamp-produces-reusable-energy/">Click to know about Wind Power Solar Power Hybrid Street Lamp

As this is aenergizer-solar-charger-compatible-with-usb-also/"> portable one, you can use this conveniently wherever you want. The price of the Eneloop Portable Solar is 12,500 Yen or $128. The shipping period of the Eneloop Portable Solar is 7 to 15 solar-power-table-gives-you-12v-for-four-hours/">working days.


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