Saturday, August 1, 2009

Flyro Gyro Brings Complete Aeronautical Entertainment !

You may have seen boomerang for a complete aeronautic entertainer, now you can have another one called Flyro Gyro, with its unique shape and Gyroscopic Stabilizer Wheel, you can have crazy outstanding-innovation-for-device-integration-nomadic-device-integration-system/">experience as a ball.
You can simply slide your index finger between the gyro wheel and plane and throw. You can make the Gyro spin by taking off your finger. The plane will fly, the faster you spin the Gyro. If you want this to fly sideways, throw it sideways and man-can-fly-in-the-air-with-air-kick/">straight for straight ways.

single-seat-helicopter-designed-like-robot/">Click to know about single seat Helicopter

Some Important Features:
•Super easy to use! Just insert finger and throw.
•The faster you spin the gyro, the micro-speaker-keychain-gives-your-guaranteed-entertainment/">further the plane will fly!
•Throw it level for straight flight or sideways for curved flight.
•Bend foam wings to customize trajectory.

Dimensions of the Gyro:
•Measures approximately: 25cm (W) x 10cm (L) x 5cm (H)
•Approximate weight: 50g
boat-with-double-helicopter-engine-fly-in-water/">Please Note:
•Perfect for age 5 years and up
•Made from foam

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