Monday, August 31, 2009

Free latest Proxy Server an Introduction and Installation

What is Proxy Server?
The server / software which is handled to connect the communication between a network and another client machine, this function is the fundamental use of free proxy server acting proxy for client machine.

Installation and file descriptions
Download the WinProxy archive from the Internet and run it. Set the destination directory in which you want to install WinProxy to and select Install.

If your are installing on Windows NT and you have Administrator privileges, you can install WinProxy with service support. WinProxy can then be run both as a common application and as a service. As a service it can be set to start automatically when NT starts, allowing the proxy to be used by other workstations even when none is logged in on the host. Use the Services icon in the Control Panel to set the WinProxy service to run when the host starts.

Once the files are copied you will be asked to create a Program Manager group. The group will be named WinProxy and will include the version number. If you installed WinProxy with service support then this group will be common to all users.

WinProxy installs the following files :
winproxy.exe - Application
proxy.pac        - autoconfiguration file (needs to be edited if you plan to use it)
config.htm       - on-line help for configuration
readme.txt      - basic information