Thursday, August 6, 2009

Futuristic Epine Concept Car Brings The Experience Of Racing Vehicles !

In order to create a Hybrid eco friendly vehicle with the ability to bring a racing track experience a new concept has been derived and called as Epine. cityant-electric-car-comes-in-rental-basis/">Besides, it features a new way to keep in touch with nature and at the same time, the minimalist of this car gets inspiration form racing vehicles formula one car and motor cycles that includes a whale skeleton as a token of natural element.

r-a-p-p-a-futuristic-car-for-future-highway-police/">Click to know about RAPPA Futuristic Car Concept

futuristic-car-concept-nissan-motivity-400c-with-maglev-system/">Moreover, the major technical feature of this car is Epine system that is able to complete seating arrangements by adopting the drive-by-wire technology to run the steering system. The name of the designer of the opirus-premium-latest-car-comes-from-kio-motors-with-lambda-engine/">concept is Daniel Schumpert.

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