Saturday, August 22, 2009

Futuristic Robotic Kitchen Assistant Butl R Bot !

Now you can have a futuristic and responsive robotic kitchen assistant along with artificial intelligence and innovative ">advanced technologies. The name of the concept is Butl-R-Bot that features arms like human, cameras and advanced sensors, fan arrays with movement ability. With the use of all the above features, it is able to cook meals, take order and collect food and even it can interact with kitchen appliances and kitchen-cum-garden/">utensils.

vineguard-futuristic-agricultural-robot/">Click to know about VineGuard Futuristic Agricultural Robotic Concept

As it is too robot-speaks-in-your-own-voice/">compact for you, it can fit with any size of kitchens and able to work with almost any type of environments. The size of the robotic wingspan is 35CM. Moreover, this functional kitchen assistant spends more time on entertaining activities or at work. The name of the designer of the concept is future-agriculture-with-algaster-goes-beyond-the-conditions/">Tim Leeding.

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