Monday, August 3, 2009

Google Chrome Themes Turn Up !

It seems to be Google is ready to bring the themes for Google Chrome like available for other browsers. Whenever, you open your Chrome browser, you can see an array of thumbnails of recently visited websites. Among them, there is a “Google Chrome Themes Gallery” as shown in the picture ofhow-to-integrate-multiple-themes-in-one-theme-in-orkut/"> multicolored array of themes for the browser.
Definitely, this may be the good thing for Google, as it apparently seems that it is working on the web site, because Google Chrome is ready to be connected directly to it.

how-to-disable-the-orkut-themes-in-greasemonkey/">Click to disable Orkut Themes

calm-and-stylish-firefox-theme-iaqua/">Moreover, it will be the very easiest thing for those who want to change their skins of the browser. It is possible by “Get Themes” buttons in the option dialog box that is able to google-chrome-theme-in-firefox-chromifox/">link to what at present is an empty page.

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