Friday, August 21, 2009

Google Offers Sitelinks For Wikipedia !

Google has begun to show some special links to the articles from Wikipedia. As everybodyediting-albums-in-picasa-web-is-collaboratively-possible/"> knows, the sitelinks are the links to popular sections of a site from which we can directly navigate to the sites from Google’s search results pages. In earlier times, Google was displaying links for only top search results. But now, sitelinks are available for other results. At the same time, the sitelinks for Wikipedia are something special, as Google will never send you to a different page or to a section of the google-removes-dictionary-link-in-its-search-results/">article.

how-to-let-firefox-to-open-links-in-same-tab/">Want to let Firefox to open links in the same tab ?

firegpg-firefox-extension-brings-an-interface-to-encrypt-and-decrypt/">Moreover, this is the first time for Google to index URLs that comprise anchors and sends you directly to a section from a page. Even more, the gladinet-cloud-desktop-lets-you-integrate-online-applications-with-local-desktop/">feature is already been available in Yahoo and Live search.

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