Friday, August 14, 2009

Hotmail Notifier Extension Takes On Gmail Notifier !

A new type addon has been released yesterday in the name of Hotmail Notifier that works pretty much same way in which the Gmail Notifier Extension along withwindows-messenger-and-hotmail-now-come-to-your-mobile/"> few more features. You can have a notification whenever you get new messages in your inbox.
As soon as you install the extension, it will display a small icon in the toolstrip of your browser. Once you click on the extension, it will open a small dialog page that displays various folders of your Hotmail Account. Clicking on the folder will be opened in a new tab.
Once the extension is installed, it displays a small icon in your browser"> Clicking on the extension icon will open a small diaglog page displaying your various folders in your Hotmail account. Clicking on the folder will open it on a new tab.

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Using this addon you can have
•It can display all unread mails in your Hotmail inbox in thelive-hotmail-comes-70-percent-faster-with-high-security/"> toolstrip.
•You can view the list of Folders in your Account by clicking on the extension icons.
•The main thing to be noted about this extension, you must login your Hotmail account just like you are doing in Google Chrome.

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