Friday, August 21, 2009

How To Add Overlays To Your Twitter Avatars ?

If you have seen your Twitter account recently you might have seen some overlays over the profile pictures in order to show their favorite brand. If how-to-import-facebook-users-in-twitter/">you want to do that, you have to edit your profile image in an image editing software. Still it is loss of our precious time.
You can use Avartize to do that in an easier way. It is a Twitter application that allows you to add an overlay to your Twitter picture by simply choosing an overlay and then signing in to your Twitter account. At the same time, it is possible to choose any overlay among hundreds of alreadyhow-to-use-orkut-friends-as-facebook-friends-how-to-import-orkut-friends-in-facebook/"> created.

google-releases-microblogging-search-engine-like-twitter/">Click to know about MicroBlogging search engine from Google like Twitter

yahoo-web-analytics-will-overcome-google/">Moreover, using this Avartize you can have an effective solution for making a group to display a certain overlay at a certain day for a cause. Therefore, Avartize can make it easy because you need to create an overlay onlyaccess-flickr-images-via-outlook/"> once.

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