Thursday, August 13, 2009

How To Attach Images To Google Docs ?

It is as easy as you know that uploading an Office documents to Google Docs. All you have to do is, just attach the files to an email message and send it to a publish-pdf-files-in-google-docs-easier-than-ever/">secret address, which has been assigned, for you by Google Docs.
Normally, you can upload only regular files like, HTML pages, PDFs and some other format files through email. At the same time, it is possible to send pictures to your Google Docs account via email or from the web browser and each file you have attached will be displayed as a show-to-publish-spreadsheets-in-google-docs-directly/">eparate document in the dashboard of your Google Docs.

google-docs-gets-one-step-closer-to-online-storage-device/">Click to know about One Step Google Docs Closer

According to our adding-tables-in-google-presentations-is-as-easy-as-ms-office/">practical probation, we have successfully uploaded photos and screenshots in the formats of PNG, GIF and JPEG formats. Then the name of the file name will become the title of the document, at the same time email subject and text in the body of the messages will be discarded.
how-to-publish-spreadsheets-in-google-docs-directly/">Moreover, if you want to upload any photos to Google Docs right from your mobile, you can do it immediately using your email address instead of using cables.

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