Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Build a FREE Website to Earn Money with no Effort?

Usually most of them go for blogger to build a free website which you can put your google adsense for money making. In recent times I heard about Devhub which you can build and host your site.

All sites developed on DevHub are hosted by them and after finishing their sign-up procedures. It uses an integrated drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create and publish full-fledged websites using our text, image, and embed/widget modules. Go a layer deeper by adding met tags and site titles. Further enhance the look and feel of these sites by changing the background, logo, site styles etc...

It has API’s and Integrated tools to make your visitors a wider experience in viewing your site. Moreover you can even track all the records such as traffic and revenue details of your site.

I simply check with devhub and it works for monetizing purpose as well but I don’t really know how much it can earn for your site through devhub.  The screenshots are as follows:

1. From devhub homepage go to free signup you can add your site

2. This is the page you can monetize with devhub

3. You can design your own template

4. There are plenty of options to make your webpage more monetize

5. I chose for a Text Editing Tools & Save.

It really works for some extent after working with user friendly wordpress platform many of the users may found difficulty in using the devhub.
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