Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How To Fix Firefox Spell Check Is Not Working ?

If you are a regular user of Internet, you write regularly on the Internet and you want to ensure about your google-removes-dictionary-link-in-its-search-results/">typing stuff, just go through this article carefully. Spell checker that runs in background for correcting these spelling mistakes. Therefore, if you find that Firefox is not working, first you should go in order to check whether the Spell Check is enabled or not in the web browser. You can do this more possibly by going to Tools > google-brings-sensitive-spell-checker-for-you/">Options > Advanced. The Check My Spelling As I Type box should be checked in the menu. Spell check should be enabled there, if you still face this problem, it might be due to a missing file of Firefox dictionary.
If you want to check it just do the following:

nurian-x40-an-extraordinary-electronic-dictionary/">Click to know about Nurian Electronic Dictionary

Just right click web form on any web page and look at the options that are displayed. If you will see search-google-in-reverse-order-funny-experience/">Add Dictionaries, it means no dictionaries you have installed. Just install the dictionary, at the same time it usual thing that happens even if you have enabled the dictionary.

Now you can see a window from Firefox with available dictionaries for the web browser. how-to-spell-check-in-microsoft-asp-web-application/">Moreover, all of those dictionaries can be installed as addons, once you have installed you can start checking your errors.

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