Monday, August 10, 2009

How To Upload Videos And Photos In Facebook Via Email ?

As the days go by, the social networking site Facebook is getting more and more improved and upgraded. In this site, users can have an instant way for them to update their profile even via mobile phones. At thehow-to-use-orkut-friends-as-facebook-friends-how-to-import-orkut-friends-in-facebook/"> same time, some eager users feel unhappy with Facebook to update their profile via eMail due to restrictions imposed by the company.
Now even it has become easier to fulfill your Facebook thirst. If you want to get-your-emails-calendars-tasks-and-events-to-your-mobile-through-emoze/">upload a photo or video in your Facebook account via eMail, you should have login your Facebook account and then click to mobile to go to “Facebook Mobile”.

how-to-import-facebook-users-in-twitter/">Want to import users from Facebook to Twitter ?

Then look for”Upload Photos Via Email” sections and then click on “Send my upload email to me now”.

As soon as you click the option, you will be instant-messenger-from-aol-for-mac-users-aim-beta/">prompted a dialog box in which you have to enter the appropriate email address that you want to use it for sending videos and photos. Now, you can receive a confirmation email from Facebook to acknowledge that you are going to upload photos or videos straight to now-you-can-block-users-in-picasa-web-album/">your profile via email.

how-to-download-photos-fast-in-facebook-without-any-software/">Moreover, you can now compose an email and attach the photo or video that you want them to be uploaded in your profile. In addition, you can add caption that are relevant to the attachments using the subject line. At the same time, by default, uploaded photos or videos are visible publicly and we can make them boost-up-your-download-speed-with-boost-machine/">private if we want.

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