Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a Click to Download Batch Images of any Web pages?

If you want to download photos for the web you have to right click on the image and have to save it your disk but if you want to download many images it will take too much time to save on your PC. OpenImages is one of the handy tools to download all the images from any WebPages. If you provide any URL of a webpage it will automatically detect photos from that page and download it to a specific folder once the download is complete.

No need to install it’s a portable Photo Downloader Tool and it’s simple to use as well. Follow the instructions to use it:

1 - Download the Zip file from OpenImage
2 - Unzip the OpenImage downloaded file.
3 - Double click the OpenImage Icon in the folder.
4 - Go to Menu Option Click on Task--> New Download (Ctrl +N).

5 - Now enter the web URL you wish to Download in batch and select your preferred folder to download the images.

6 - By clicking the Create button you will be processed with a new window on screen.

Note: If your web page contains lot of images you will lose your hair as it took too much minutes to download the entire web page images.
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