Monday, August 17, 2009

Leaf Phone Bendable Mobile Concept With Eco Charging Ability !

This is another mobile phone concept named as Leaf that has been especially designed with eco charging ability. It is an futuristic-mobile-concepts-bend-your-mobile-as-wristband/">inspiration of Photosynthesis and it is one of the bendable cell phones. At the same time, it can be easily wearable by the user and it can be charged through solar cells that have been placed in front of it. futuristic-mobile-concept-hanger-skype-phone/">Moreover, other than solar charging facility, you can charge this mobile via electricity if you want the mobile to be charged during nighttime or cloudy day.

music-concept-mobile-wear-as-a-watch-on-wrist/">Click to know about Music Concept Mobile to wear as a watch

In nokia-8800-gold-arte-comes-with-18-carat-gold-plating/">addition, the key objective of this concept is to bring an awareness about their contribution to energy efficient while using an innovative, at the same time more with a smart look. The names of the designer of the Leaf save-your-ideas-from-outside-nokia-digital-pen-su-27w/">mobile phone concept are Seungkyun Woo and Junyi Heo.

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