Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lynki Conversations Firefox Addon Lets You Share Your Opinions !

If you want to share your thoughts, you have to leave the page or to do something"> Nevertheless, this is a new thought called as Lynki Conversations that lets you see others what are they thinking about any site or articles. Moreover, you can share opinions and add to the conversations.
At the same time, this allows the user to see the comments about your site and your"> Besides, you can share your views on the video you are watching or the great blog post you are reading.

now-it-is-easy-to-install-firefox-experimental-addons/">Click to Install Firefox Experimental Addons

Here below we have given few of the features of Lynki Conversations:
Discover: Open Lynki Conversations on any page you are browsing to see what ie-proxy-changer-lets-you-change-the-proxy-settings-in-a-click/">other users are saying about that site or news.

Share: Join the conversation. Add your message to Lynki and Twitter

Friends: See what your friends on Lynki are saying and sites they recommend

Save: Quickly save and access your favorite how-to-use-windows-7-calculator-in-windows-vista/">sites

Popular: See the most popular sites and news on Lynki

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