Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mobile Phone Comes In Braille Concept For Blind People !

Definitely, you may know the importance of the mobile phone today. But accessing mobile phone for blind people is impossible stick-for-the-blind-with-sensor/">today. To solve this trouble a new concept mobile phone concept is designed especially for blind people by Seonkeun Park. The name of the phone is Braille Phone it is a universal cellular phone concept that is able to produce Braille code in a particular part of it by using Electric Active Plastic for bringing an eternal access for blind people. universal-phone-for-blind-people/">Moreover, this phone has been designed in a simple and easy to use manner and looks like a remote control of a television. At the same time, you can have all the information in the traditional screen of Braille Area of the cell phone.

haptic-reader-lets-blind-read-books/">Click to know about the Haptic Reader for Blind People to read the books

It creditdebit-cards-with-braille-impression-blinds-can-use/">displays the information for visually impaired people to read them by touching it. This phone is able to provide letter blocks in two by three dot matrixes and by using this principle on buttons. Major news about the phone is it just has won the Red Dot award-winning-zon-hearing-aid-feel-like-an-ear-phone/">Awards 2009.

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