Monday, August 24, 2009

Ocean Rescue Device For Vital Support In The Oceans !

Ship journey is an ancient as well as a different experience, but losing lives in the ocean ismini-mushroom-usb-massager-heals-your-body-pain/"> unimaginable. Here we have a new concept that might help you to rescue yourself by giving an emergency support when you have lost in the ocean. In order to give a vital support to the user this device has been designed and the name of the device is Ocean Rescue. This device is capable for transmitting a radio frequency signal to the rescue team about its exact location. Moreover, it can make a colorful smoke during day while in nights it can emit light in order to get the attention of the rescue team. A special kind of metal with high conductivity is used as the key material of this mini-mushroom-usb-massager-heals-your-body-pain/">device. The material can boil the seawater and separate the salt as well as it can distil the water from it.

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The distilled water can be stored in a transparent and durable chamber. In public-toilet-concept-makes-you-come-out-of-a-dirty-one/">addition, there are positive and negative plates at the bottom of the device that can be used to generate electricity through a chemical reaction with the electrolyte of the salty water.  This ciclope-robot-to-make-stylish-hair/">valuable device is designed by Seol-Hee Son, Cheol-yeon Jo, and Seung-hyun Yoon.

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